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From the hotel Distance Time Transportation
Sutan Syarif Qasim II 180 km 3,5 Hour Taxi
Pasir Pengaraian City Center 12 km 20 min Taxi
Water Fall Aek Martua 14 km 25 min Taxi
Pemandian Air Panas Pawan 18 km 30 min Taxi

Let Us Take You to a Tropical Paradise

Right on mid pasir pengaraian town, Sapadia Rohul Hotel & Cottages, Riau offers a mix of 68 Bukit Barisan Facing and View Rooms including Suites Luxury Pooll Side Cottages.

Set amidst an oasis of 315 hectares of tropical gardens with swaying coconut palms oil, the resort has a wide choice of restaurants, excellent sporting facilities and located just next to Islamic Centre and Government Offices.

It is ideally situated within walking distance of local shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities and is conveniently positioned for national conferences and incentives. Discovery Sapadia Rohul Hotel & Cottages, Riau is offering the “Best No Location in Pasir Pengaraian”.

About Pekanbaru

Pekanbaru is the capital of Riau, a province in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra. It has an area of 632.26 km2 and population of over 793,000. Located on the Siak River, which flows to the Strait of Malacca, Pekanbaru has direct access to the busy strait and has been long known as a trading port. The name of the city derives from the Indonesian words of 'new market' or 'new town' ("pekan" means 'market' or 'town' whereas "baru" means 'new').

The city is divided into 12 sub-districts (kecamatan). The Sultan Syarif Qasim II International Airport provides Pekanbaru with direct flights to Batam, Jakarta, Malaysia (Malacca and Kuala Lumpur) and other destinations in Indonesia.

A settlement has existed in the city site since the 17th-century. In the late 19th-century, the city bloomed with coffee and coal industries; therefore, the Dutch built roads to facilitate shipments to Singapore and Malacca. Since the discovery of oil in the region in the 1930s, Pekanbaru's economy has depended heavily on oil revenues and the city has been endowed with the highest income per capita in Indonesia. The majority of Indonesia's petroleum is produced in Riau, and much of Pekanbaru's economy is based on the petroleum industry. International oil companies, such as the US Chevron, as well as other Indonesian companies, have established their offices in the region. This location for oil has proven to be one of the best money providers in the world. The city is connected by road to an oil refining and exporting port at Dumai. Many facilities, including an airport, three stadiums (building a fourth), swimming pool, one of the two bridges that cross the Siak River near the city, the roads in Rumbai area, and also the road to Dumai, were partially or fully subsidized by the oil companies working in the area.

Pekanbaru is one of the cleanest big cities in Indonesia and received the "Adipura" Award ('clean city') in the category of large city consecutively in 2006 and 2007. The city is also notable for its wide streets, which are in the city's main. Pekanbaru regularly suffers, however, from the smoke or smog of forest fires, particularly in the dry season, since there is no rain to extinguish the fires.

Because Pekanbaru is a major gateway into Indonesia from Singapore, the city is becoming a favorite stop before travelers go further inland Indonesia. The Pasar Pusat market is a food-trip destination as well as a household-goods trove. Pasar Bawah and Pasar Tengeh in the port area sell Chinese goods, including ceramics and carpets.

Some tourist attractions in Pekanbaru are the Great Mosque of An-Nur, Alam Mayang Fishing Garden, Sang Nila Utama Museum, Riau Cultural Park, Princess Kaca Mayang Garden, Soeman HS Main Library and Sari Valley Artificial Lake. Pekanbaru is becoming known as a center of Malay culture; a Malay culture festival was held there in 2004.

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